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What is OrienteeringOnline.net?

OrienteeringOnline is a system for online entries.

1. In case you are organizing an orienteering event and you don't want to input all the competitors' data manually into your software, then this service will make your life easier.

2. If you are a club leader responsible for making entries for your clubmates, or you just want to enter your family and yourself, you will be happy with this service as well, as it makes entering races easier than ever before. The pre-condition for this is that the race you wish to enter uses OrienteeringOnline.net system for entries.

How does it work?
To use OrienteeringOnline you first have to register and make your own profile. After you create your profile, you may become a member of a club. This can be done by either creating a new club or by joining existing clubs in the OrienteeringOnline database.

After you create (or join) your club, you will be able to add new members or invite existing profiles (competitors) to the club. Once this is done, you can easily enter competitors from your club to any competitions that use the OrienteeringOnline system or you can create competitions that will be organized by your club.

After the online entries for your club's competition are closed, you can easily import data into software of your choice.

This is what OO offers in very brief. For more information please visit FAQ in the menu.

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05.06.2012.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net
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Current competitions:
23.08.2014     RSA   Bushveld Series #5 (Cradle Festival): Kloofendal Nature Reserve   
23.08.2014     SRB   Vojvodina Open 2014   
23.08.2014     GRL   Nuuk O-fest / uoff. GM 2014   
24.08.2014     GER   NRW Einzelmeisterschaft   
24.08.2014     RSA   Bushveld #6 Rocky Valley Incl. Mountain O Championship   
26.08.2014     ESP   A la Luna de Cuenca   
29.08.2014     CZE   WEST CUP    
31.08.2014     RSA   B'sorah Farm Mountain Bike Orienteering   
31.08.2014     CRO   O-FER v2.0 - indoor orienteering   
06.09.2014     FRA   Score race Font-Romeu   
06.09.2014     ESP   X TROFEO ORIENTIJOTE (DISTANCIA LARGA) Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca)   
06.09.2014     ESP   XXII Carrera Nocturna COV. 5ª carrera Liga de Castilla y León 2014   
06.09.2014     FRA   Cerdanya 2 Days   
07.09.2014     SLO   SOL 7 - Dolga   
07.09.2014     NCL   Kwa Wé Daré   
07.09.2014     SVK   Dunajská buzola v Trail-O   
07.09.2014     ESP   X TROFEO ORIENTIJOTE (DISTANCIA MEDIA) Villanueva de la Jara (Cuenca)   
07.09.2014     SVK   Dunajská buzola   
13.09.2014     GER   11. Röttenbacher Karpfen-OL   
13.09.2014     ROM   Cupa Sanatatea de Toamna 2014   
13.09.2014     ESP   9ª carrera Liga FEMADO - Soto del Real   
13.09.2014     NED   2e NZC Houtdorperveld   
13.09.2014     GER   5. Lauf zur Regensburger OL-Tour 2014   
13.09.2014     ESP   VII Liga Norte   
14.09.2014     GER   8. MOC 2014 Munich Orienteering Cup   
14.09.2014     CRO   O-duatlon Ponikve 2014   
14.09.2014     ESP   Campeonato Provincial Diputación de Cuenca   
19.09.2014     ROM   Campionat National Sprint, MD, LD   
20.09.2014     ESP   ALBACETE, IX Circuito - Liga CLM, Villamalea SCORE-DUATLÓN   
20.09.2014     BEL   Brussels Urban Middle   
20.09.2014     AUT   Austrian Championship Middledistance   
20.09.2014     SVK   SLOVAK PARADISE CUP 2014 - SPRINT   
20.09.2014     ESP   CAO-Campeonato de Asturias de Orientacion   
20.09.2014     CRO   34. Pokal Zagreba   
20.09.2014     SVK   SLOVAK PARADISE CUP 2014 - SRJ   
20.09.2014     SLO   DP Dolge - SOL8   
21.09.2014     GER   5. Lauf zum Runners Point Isar Cup 2014 & Landshuter Stadtmeisterschaft   
21.09.2014     BEL   Brussels Orienteering Meeting (BOM)   
21.09.2014     SLO   DP Štafete 2014   
21.09.2014     GER   Kinderinsel-OL für Jedermann   
21.09.2014     AUT   Austrian Elite SPRINT Championship WRE   
21.09.2014     AUT   Mixed SPRINT Relay   
21.09.2014     ESP   12ª prueba lliga autonómica C. Valenciana   
21.09.2014     ESP   ALBACETE, IX Circuito - Liga CLM, Villamalea LARGA DISTANCIA   
24.09.2014     RSA   Gauteng Champs Long   
26.09.2014     CRO   pre-WTOC 2015 trail orienteering event   
27.09.2014     GER   Bayerische Meisterschaften Lang-OL + 6. BayernCup-OL 2014    
27.09.2014     GER   Sächsische Meisterschaft Lang-OL   
28.09.2014     RSA   Northern Farm - MTBO   
28.09.2014     GER   7. BayernCup-OL 2014 (Mittel-OL)    
03.10.2014     BEL   JEC2014   
03.10.2014     GER   9. MOC 2014 Munich Orienteering Cup   
03.10.2014     GER   DPT Sprint Coswig   
04.10.2014     GER   Deutsche Meisterschaft Langdistanz   
04.10.2014     RSA   SA Orienteering Championships 2014   
11.10.2014     CRO   9. Međimurje open - PH sprint   
12.10.2014     CRO   9. Međimurje open - midle   
18.10.2014     GER   6. Lauf zum Runners Point Isar Cup 2014   
19.10.2014     GER   OL des P-Seminars des Ruperti-Gymnasiums   
19.10.2014     GER   Baden-Württembergische Meisterschaft - Lang   
19.10.2014     GER   10. MOC 2014 Munich Orienteering Cup   
19.10.2014     GER   6. Lauf zur Regensburger OL-Tour 2014   
25.10.2014     NED   Veluwe 2 Days   
25.10.2014     ESP   XXV Trofeo Martin Kronlund   
28.10.2014     TUR   Istanbul 5 Days   
01.11.2014     ITA   Euromarathon 2014 - Campionato Regionale Centri Storici FVG   
01.11.2014     ESP   Barcelona O-Event TIC BCN (1st and 2nd November 2014)   
15.11.2014     GER   1. Orientierungslauf zur Regensburg OL Winterlaufserie 2015   
15.11.2014     ESP   20141115 - 16ª CARRERA LIGA CAM O-PIÉ - CLUB RUMBO   
16.11.2014     FRA   Strasbourg City Race 14th St Nicolas HLD Cup   
22.11.2014     SRB   Pro Serbia 2014 (2nd day knockout sprint)   
29.11.2014     GER   2. Orientierungslauf zur Regensburg OL Winterlaufserie 2015   
06.12.2014     GER   3. Orientierungslauf zur Regensburg OL Winterlaufserie 2015   
07.12.2014     GER   11. Landshuter Nikolaus-OL   
26.12.2014     BEL   Sylvester5 Belgium 2014   
28.12.2014     SLO   DP in SOL v SKI-O   
28.02.2015     CRO   Kvarner bay challenge 2015   
21.03.2015     BUL   Three hills cup 2015   
03.04.2015     SRB   Babe Cup    
04.04.2015     SRB   Beograd Open 2015   
01.05.2015     GER   Blackforest Orienteering 3days   
14.05.2015     MKD   STRUMICA OPEN 2015   
15.05.2015     NED   3 daagse van brabant   
28.05.2015     MNE   Montenegro Adriatic Open 2015   
01.06.2015     ALB   Albanian Orienteering Days   
01.07.2015     ITA   Expori - 4 Days in Lombardia   
14.08.2015     BEL   3 days of the kempen   

All competitions