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Adding members to your club
In order to add members to your club you need to have sufficient permission. If you don't have permission for adding members you can ask your club administrator to grant that permission to you.
There are two types of club members in OrienteeringOnline. Members that can log in (they have their own profile on OrienteeringOnline) and members that can not log in. The later type should mainly be used for kids and members which do not have email address. Other members will probably want to be able to log in to the site.

Please follow these steps to add members to your club:
  1. Log in
  2. Click on "My profile in the menu (1), then click on your club (2).

  3. Click "Add new member" (1) in the submenu

  4. Fill in all required fields and press submit button. If you input member's email address he will be notified to claim his profile, which means after his confirmation he will be able to log in as member you just created. You can add as many members to your club as you you wish.