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"How to" for competitors and club officials

FAQ for competitors and club officials
My confirmation link which I received by email does not work
Ususally there are two problems, why this may happen.
  • Some email clients wrap URL in two lines and when you click on it, only first line is used.
  • Some email clients replace character & with & when you click on the link.
In both cases solution is to manually and correctly copy/paste whole link into web browser.
Can I register myself for a competition which is using OrienteeringOnline for entries without creating my profile?
No. In order to register for competition you need to create your profile and you need to be a member of the club (you can either create a club yourself or you can join existing one).
However, you will need to create your profile only once, and next time registering for competition will be very fast.
Can I register members of my club for competition if they haven't creted profile on OrienteerigOnline?
Yes. Actually only one person from club must have a profile. This person will create club and it can also add members to the club.
Since these members are not real users they can not log to our system, but you can register them for competition. Also, if needed, they can later claim their profile so that they can log to OrienteeringOnline.
I have sent/wired the money for entries for competition, but under entries there is still no "YES" mark to show that payment was accepted. Was my money not received?
OrienteeringOnline does not collect money. When you send (or wire) the money, you are sending it directly to organizer. After they receive it, they are supposed to manually mark your entry as "paid". If they don't do that (even if they have received the money) your entry will not have "YES" status under "Paid" column. If you think that enough time has passed after you sent the money, please contact organizer directly.