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Supported features
  • Handle online entries for orienteering events of any size.
  • Fully customizable entry form. You can add any extra fields you might think of. Some of the more commonly used:
    • Early/late start
    • Official transport
    • Parking ticket
    • Accommodation type
    • Food
    • T-shirt
    • WRE ID
    • National ID
    • year of birth
    • Special note
    • .... or whatever you need for your event!
  • Extra fields with optional fee applied to a custom fee.
  • Import entries from other systems.
  • Export receipts to pdf for each club.
  • Change entry fees for individual runners.
  • Add special notes to receipts.
  • Export entries CSV or XLS.
  • Export file for MT2003 or OE2003.
  • Precise handling of the payments.
  • Mass emailing to entered runners.
  • Entries can be made individually, via club official or combined.
  • Reference number for money transactions.
  • Enable or disable entering indvidual stages in multiday events.
  • Integrate current number of entries to your website
  • Customize "locking" of individual entries
  • Fine grained permissions for club members
  • Supports customizable Disclaimer which has to be accepted before final entry
  • Supports customizable Registration page message
  • Sorting by any field, including your own additional fields.
  • Import classes and fees from previous events.
  • Supports manual adding of entries by organizer.
  • and many more....

"How to" for competitors and club officials

FAQ for organizers
We have our national online entry system, which can be used only by home runners. Can I use OrienteeringOnline.net service as a parallel system for foreign runners' entries?
Yes, you can. Although we recommend using OrienteeringOnline.net as sole system, you can ratehr easily import runners from other systems to OrienteeringOnline.net as well, or make a double import from your system and from OrienteeringOnline.net system to your event managing software.
May I use OrienteeringOnline.net service for local training?
Even if OrienteeringOnline.net is primarily designed for large Multiday events the answer is Yes. You are actually encouraged to do so.
Does OrienteeringOnline.net service supports additional fields in the entry form, such as Accommodation, Training map, Parking ticket, Early/late start, WRE and National ID etc.?
With OrienteeringOnline.net you can fully customize Additional fields to your needs. You can setup any Additional field by yourself. Please refer to "How to use Additional fields" on this matter.
Can I manually input or edit entries?
Yes, with OrienteeringOnline.net you have full control over manual editing and inputting entries.
Can I integrate OrienteeringOnline.net into our event website?
You can only integrate current number of entries to your website, however you cannot integrate the entry form.
Can I upload results to OrienteeringOnline.net?
At the moment this is not possible, however we plan to add this feature in near future.
Can I handle payments with OrienteeringOnline.net?
Yes and no. OrienteeringOnline.net does not support paying with credit card, however you can input payments that you received through your own bank account and mark competitors' entries as "Paid". You can also export clubs receipts to pdf.
We received multiple payments for the same club. Can OrienteeringOnline.net handle this?
Yes it can. In "Fee overview" section you can assign each club as many payments as you wish. Which means that at any point (for example at registration on competition day) you will know who, when and how much paid within the same club. You can also add custom notes and reminders to the receipts.
Does OrienteeringOnline.net supports Individual entries (members of no club)?
Yes it does.
Can I send email to all entered competitors?
You can send emails to all competitors who entered with their own profile and all club leaders who made multiple entries.
How to make my event visible and entries available?
After you created event and optionally used Additional fields you are now ready to make your event publicaly available. You need to do 2 things:
  1. Enable entries - You can do that in Events control panel.
  2. Make your event visible by unchecking the Hide checkbox in Basic Info.